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It's always a joy to see new releases by my clients! Here are new releases for 2023:

On the Fourth of July by Maggie C. Rudd, illustrated by Pura Belpré Honor artist Elisa Chavarri, is a picture book celebrating the joy of being an American on the Fourth of July as the daytime fun of picnics and swimming gives way to wonder and delight at a night of fireworks. It’s published by Farrar, Straus Children’s.

To Boldly Go by Angela Dalton, illustrated by Lauren Semmer, came out in January. In this nonfiction picture book, actress Nichelle Nichols, who portrayed Lt. Uhura on Star Trek, becomes disheartened by acts of prejudice on the set and decides to leave the show, until fan Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. convinces her she's making a difference. It is Angela’s second book with HarperCollins.

What Does Brown Mean to You? by author-illustrator Ron Grady, associates myriad shades of brown all around - from varieties of skin color in a boy’s family, to foods and treasured objects and beloved pets - with comfort and beauty. It is published by Penguin/Paulsen, with Ron’s second book, Beatrice Looks for Home, to follow in 2025.

Tangle-Knot by Loretta Ellsworth, illustrated by Annabel Tempest, is the sweet and funny story of a girl who cares for a bird nesting in her unbrushed hair, much to her mother's dismay. Loretta is the author of a number of novels for young readers; Page Street Kids is the publisher of her first picture book.

How to Stay Invisible, a middle-grade novel, is the second book releasing in 2023 by Maggie C. Rudd. It’s about a boy abandoned by his family who, to avoid being sent back to foster care, dodges discovery surviving in the woods with his faithful dog and a protective coyote, using his wits and basic survival skills. It’s published by Farrar, Straus Children’s.

WINTER: A Solstice Story by Kelsey E. Gross, illustrated by New York Times Bestselling artist, Renata Liwska, is a lyrical picture book about woodland friends who help shine the light and share gifts of hope as they decorate a solstice tree in the snowy night. Published by S&S/Wiseman, it’s the first in a series, with SUMMER: A Solstice Story to follow in 2024.

Barn in Winter: Safe and Warm on the Farm by Chambrae Griffith, illustrated by Taia Morley, is a board book about Barn welcoming all the animals into cozy safety as snowy fields and muddy pens are left behind. It will be followed by Barn in Spring: Out to Explore in 2024. Cottage Door Press is the publisher.