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Patrice Karst

Karst, Patrice

Photo Credit: (Photo credit: Mariana Schulze)

Patrice Karst's newest picture book is HOW JACKSON FOUND HIS JOY AGAIN, about a boy whose sadness is resolved and his joy returned, through courage and the aid of a school counselor, in a story told through the use of colors as a metaphor for joy.

Patrice is the author of the bestselling classic children's (and adults') book THE INVISIBLE STRING, which has sold over 1.5 million copies and been translated into fifteen languages. It is the story of the String (made out of love!) that connects us all. The book series offers children a tangible understanding of love and teaches that "even though you can't see it with your eyes, you can feel it in your heart and know that you are always connected to everyone you love." She's written THE INVISIBLE LEASH: An Invisible String Story Celebrating Love After the Loss of a Pet; THE INVISIBLE STRING WORKBOOK: Creative Activities to Comfort, Calm and Connect, a therapeutic activity book co-written with Dana Wyss, Ph.D.; THE INVISIBLE WEB: An Invisible String Story Celebrating Love and Our Universal Connection; YOU ARE NEVER ALONE: An Invisible String Lullaby; THE INVISIBLE STRING BACKPACK; THE SMILE THAT WENT AROUND THE WORLD; and RUBY AND LONELY.

The single mother of Elijah (now grown) lives near the beach in Ventura, California, where she is currently writing her memoir and working on more stories, and still gazing up in wonder at starry nights. Patrice has been on a lifelong mission to share the message that this energy called love transcends time and space and is the most powerful force in all the universe.


HOW JACKSON FOUND HIS JOY AGAIN   (Little, Brown Children's)