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Karen Briner

Briner, Karen

Karen Briner grew up in South Africa, and wrote for the award-winning South African children's animated television series Magic Cellar as well as the medical drama Jozi H, which she co-created. She is the author of CASSANDRA'S QUEST (Human & Rousseau) and SNOWIZE & SNITCH, which School Library Journal praised as "A middle grade adventure that hooks readers right in the first chapter with a strong female character and a cryptic message from a crow." In it, a once-intrepid spy, a dignified rodent and a girl with a perplexing past team up to find out who is draining the minds of great scientists of their knowledge.

Karen's newest novel for middle-grade readers is STARRY STARRY HEIST. Max Rodriguez and his friend Maybe travel back in time to save Van Gogh's "Starry Night" painting from being "existinguished" - wiped forever from time and memory from the whole world, including the artist - by a shadowy Wretch who seeks its destruction. It's a mission Max cannot refuse because, in the strangest of ways, his mother's life depends on it.

(Co-agent for SNOWIZE AND SNITCH: Betsy Amster)


SNOWIZE & SNITCH  (Holiday House; Victor Rivas, illustrator)