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Ellie Kirk

Kirk, Ellie

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A thirteen-year old girl keeps a magical fair from imploding, falls a little bit in love with a Pegasus-riding teen cowboy from an alternate universe, and saves her family's beloved apiary, in Ellie Kirk's BONNIE THE BEE CHARMER AND THE FAIRE OF WORLDS.

Bonnie knows that her family's apiary is one bad harvest away from going under. The arrival of The Faire of Worlds - a nomadic pocket reality - offers a just-in-time solution, with a few strings attached. Bonnie joins the Faire as a charmer of giant bees, with the promise of a generous payout to take home to save her apiary. Now, if she can just stay alive - and resist the many temptations and dangers while she helps her new friends - she might pull it off.

Ellie Kirk has been a business editor and writer, a technical writer and an eLearning writer, now focusing on fiction for young readers. She lives by the beach, sometimes in Florida, sometimes in New England, and sometimes other places. Like The Faire of Worlds, she moves around. BONNIE THE BEE CHARMER AND THE FAIRE OF WORLDS is her first novel.