Mary Cummings, Agent and Founder

C.M. Cornwell

Cornwell, C.M.

THE MEMORY SPINNER is an upper middle grade fantasy novel. After her mama dies, thirteen-year-old Lavender develops a disastrous memory problem. A clothing enchantress appears to help her, but Lavender discovers the truth - her memory problem is a curse inflicted by the enchantress, who threatens the town with a vast black coat with interwoven curses that will make everyone relive their worst memories. Lavender must decide whether to stay immersed in beloved memories with her mama or save the people she loves most in the present.

At Storymakers Conference in 2019 and 2021, C. M. Cornwell was awarded first place in the middle grade category of their first chapter contest for one of her manuscripts. She's a mom to three mini dreamers, and lives in Connecticut. THE MEMORY SPINNER is her first novel.