Mary Cummings, Agent and Founder

Ariel Horn

Horn, Ariel

Bogart is a highly anxious monster whose monster pal Morton is his opposite in temperament. Morton is sure that something marvelous is behind the closed door they stand in front of, while Bogart is sure that something absolutely awful will happen if the door is opened. What IS behind the door, anyway? For kids fearful of the unknown, and for kids with no fear at all, DO NOT GO IN THERE!, Ariel Horn's debut picture book is a delight.

Kirkus Review notes: "Horn's take on the friendship between the pessimist and the optimist speaks directly to young readers whose fears of the unknown can sometimes overwhelm their innocent imaginations ... Tender, reassuring, and lots of fun."

(Co-agent: Betsy Amster)


DO NOT GO IN THERE!  (Imprint/Macmillan Children's Publishing; Izzy Burton, illustrator)