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Ariel Bernstein

Bernstein, Ariel

Ariel Bernstein's WE LOVE FISHING, noted as "relatable and funny," received a starred review in Publishers Weekly. It features four animal friends out to spend a day fishing. But for Squirrel, this means bugs, rain and smelly fish. How can it be a fun day for everyone?

In Ariel's BALLOON books, Owl and Monkey negotiate friendship and possession and all their related emotions. I HAVE A BALLOON also received a starred review from Publishers Weekly.

The WARREN AND DRAGON chapter books feature a Calvin and Hobbesesque friendship between a dreamy boy and his vain dragon companion. Kirkus praised them as "adorable fun."

(Co-agent: Betsy Amster)


WE LOVE FISHING  (Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books; Mark Rosenthal, illustrator)

WARREN AND DRAGON chapter book series  (Viking; Mike Malbrough, illustrator)

I HAVE A BALLOON and WHERE IS MY BALLOON?  (both Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books; Scott Magoon, illustrator)